Photo Credit: Derek Parks

Photo Credit: Derek Parks

Ilissa Ocko is a young professional with a passion for climate science, communication, and policy. She currently works as a climate scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund in Washington DC.

Ilissa has a PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from Princeton University, and has spent years researching different aspects of the climate system. Ilissa also holds a certificate in science policy from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School.

Ilissa is committed to disseminating climate change information (causes, impacts, and solutions) to non-experts through a variety of platforms. Most recently, she is working on a project called Good Climate News to provide daily reminders through twitter of all of the reasons to be hopeful about the future.

Ilissa is also an avid designer of infographics that organize complex aspects of climate change, with the goal of increasing learning efficiency and retention. Several graphics have been published in news articles, blog posts, scientific articles, reports, and magazine articles, and Ilissa now maintains an Instagram account called @theclimatepicture where she posts climate change infographics to promote climate and energy awareness.

Ilissa also enjoys writing and presenting to different communities, and is a volunteer speaker at Climate Voices, an active member of the AGU Sharing Science, and a participant in the climate campaign More Than Scientists. Ilissa recently won the NASA-sponsored FameLab contest (“American Idol” for scientists), representing the USA in the international competition and advancing to the finals. She is available as a speaker for events, radio, and television.

Finally, Ilissa is dedicated to scientific integrity, and participates in a project called Climate Feedback that is dedicated to establishing scientific credibility to the online reporting of climate change.

Outside of science, Ilissa is a freelance graphic and website designer, owns a small business with her husband called InterfaithLiving, has a jewelry shop called INTO Jewelry, and enjoys photography. She has an “Extra Large” cat named Lindsey, who she is disgustingly obsessed with.

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